Tuesday, June 26, 2007

An interesting e-book....

It´s from one of my favorite Innovation writers..... Paul Sloane.... www.destination-innovation.com..... hier you the description, how to inspire your team, how to an innovative leader.... please visit his web-page...


All leaders understand the importance of creativity and innovation to the future of their organizations. But how do you do it? What are the secrets that successful leaders use to really drive innovation?

The Innovative Leader will help you to transform the creative capabilities and innovative performance of your business. It contains examples, advice, guidance, and a wealth of invaluable tools you can put to use immediately to help you to:
Encourage your team to analyse problems and generate ideas;
Implement innovation processes;
Build a creative culture;
Develop creativity in yourself and your team.
With examples from Virgin, Google, IBM, Toyota, 3M, Disney and WPP, The Innovative Leader will help you to transform your team into innovation warriors, and turn your organization into a powerhouse of invention and entrepreneurial achievement.

'Innovation is a key characteristic of great leaders?Paul?s book provides practical tips to help anyone in their quest to develop their creative muscles.'
Mark Durrant, Communications Director, EMEA, Motorola

'Guaranteed to make you think differently, challenge the way you and your team work and produce results. Read it end to end and you should be ready to make your fortune!'
Geoff Dodds, Head of Brand Strategy, Lloyds of London

'Sloane, an expert on lateral puzzles, creative problem solving and the like, looks just the sort of person to assist managers in turning their "cubicle dwellers into innovation warriors" and in replacing "a culture of comfortable incremental progress into one of hungry adventure".'
Michael Murray, The Independent (read full review)

Paperback 196 pages (May 2007)
Publisher: Kogan Page
ISBN: 0749450010

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